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No matter in which aspect of life we happen to find ourselves: Almost constantly, we are accompanied by fears that inhibit us, patterns that determine our actions unnoticed and habits that hold us back – without us being consciously aware of it. That’s why we all need help from time to time: In facing those obstacles and effectively creating space for new directions. I will show you how you can get to know yourself better – in order to be able to help yourself for the better. As a systemic coach, I am specialized in seeing more than just the various symptoms of many individual problems. After all, the difficulties we have to overcome in our lives are often connected to one another.


You must...

... not yet be able to pin down a specific problem in order to benefit from coaching. Sometimes it is this vague feeling that something is off that brings a client here. The feeling of being stuck in a paralyzing spiral that you can't seem to get out of on your own. We can discuss whether coaching is right for you in a non-committal phone call, during which we can also set the date for a first session.


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